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All Membership Packages are personalized to each student, so please contact a representative directly about creating your own personalized package. A few of our options are as follows:

Monthly Membership
This pay-as-you-go option includes personal lessons and a two to one ratio of Group Classes and Socials.

Membership Packages
25, 50 or 100 Personal Lessons with unlimited Group Classes and Socials*. These packages can be paid in full or paid within 90 days. (Price varies according to payment methods)

Introductory Program
Two thirty minute Personal Lessons
Two Group Classes
Two Socials

Introductory Program Upgrade
Three forty-five minute Personal Lessons
Three Group Classes
Three Socials

Step It Up membership packages are determined by number of lessons and progress is determined by your individual abilities. You are never held back for money! Many studios sell membership packages by level of achievement and regardless of how you progress your ability to move to the next level is determined by how much you pay. At Step It Up, membership packages are based on the number of lessons and you may progress as rapidly as your effort dictates, with no economic penalty.

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