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What Our Clients Say...

"I have been dancing at Step It Up since the day they opened two years ago and haven't looked back. Kristy is warm and welcoming to everyone who comes in the door and wants everyone to have a fun and successful experience. I had tried a few other dance studios, and had been dancing for about a year prior to trying Step It Up.

No where else did I feel so at home and comfortable dancing, nor did I feel I received the quality of instruction.

All of the instructors are of the highest standard with many years experience performing at a professional level and teaching. They are encouraging and supportive and not only has my dancing improved tremendously, but my confidence on the dance floor has soared.

The studio offers a wide variety of group classes for all ability levels, and there are several parties each week with the instructors helping students solidify steps they learned in class. The music is always fun with a nice mix of current hits as well as traditional tunes, truly something for everyone!

Step It Up is so beautiful inside, and when they host special events or parties, there is a live band which adds a very elegant feel. I have made so many new friends here and absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a dance studio to call home!"

- Roxanne T. / Lake Oswego, OR

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"My husband and I love our experience at Step it Up! We have been taking lessons since Jan 2013 – so for 3 months, twice a week. They are so welcoming and the whole staff adds their own unique touch to helping us learn new steps and moves. Really appreciate the experience and think it's a great way to have easy, healthy fun while we learn new skills together! Highly recommend this studio – very professional. I love their overall gentle directness in teaching style. I just learned that they also do cotillion dance classes for high schoolers."

- Elizabeth C. / Lake Oswego, OR

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"Step it up is a wonderful addition to the cultural life of Lake Oswego. This business has gone out of its way to participate in the life of the community. As a whole, the staff is professional and friendly. They go out of their way to be welcoming to a wide variety of people, and strive to make the studio a welcoming and fun place for everyone. The level of instruction is high quality, as evidenced by the sweep of first place awards recently won at an international competition. Whether one just wants to learn enough to hold their own on the dance floor, or move forward in dance competition, this is a great place for anyone interested in learning to dance."

- Lisa L. / Lake Oswego, OR

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"I couldn't be more thrilled and honored to work at such a prestigious ballroom dance studio! Having danced since I was a child and told that there was only two major dance corporations (i.e. Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire) worth dancing at, I have found this studio to be absolutely worthwhile, and quite honestly, the ONLY studio worth going to, period."

- J.C. / Lake Oswego, OR

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"I had no experience or exposure to this kind of dance when a friend gave me a gift certificate for introductory lessons at Step It Up. Well, as clumsy as I am, the instructor was very helpful in showing me how to master the basics of the box step which led straight into Rhumba. It was a blast! The place was clean and bright and everyone there (staff and other students) was friendly and just having a good time.
I am hooked - Thanks!"

- Pete C. / Lake Oswego, OR

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"I have two criteria for a dance studio. First, do the instructors really care whether or not you learn to dance well. Second, is it fun to be there with the other students. Step It Up scores big on both counts. The instructors focus on taking you from the level you're at to the next. They don't just clock in; they care. They provide a supportive push to grow you as a dancer, whatever your goals may be. I appreciate that they don't waste my money. I also appreciate that such an elegant studio is unpretentious and welcoming. The students have fun together at parties in a very supportive and carefee way. There is no "in crowd". As I tell people, this is an environment where Cheers meets Blackpool. I recommend it"

- Larry / Beaverton, OR

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"Ladies and Gentlemen,

Have you ever wanted to learn what this whole ballroom dancing thing is all about? Well, certainly did! I had some experience prior to being invited to this beautiful studio, actually I had been visiting several different dance studios in the Portland Metro area trying to find a place to call my home.

Last November 2011 I was invited by a student of Step It Up to share in a open house party. I knew the minute I walked into this elegant ballroom I had found it! The studio is very high end, the staff are all dressed to impress, friendly and welcoming. I was given an amazing deal to get started. Upon my first lesson they evaluated me on what I knew and began to build a program specific to me and what I wanted to focus on and accomplish. The level of instruction at this studio is absolute TOP NOTCH, there are no 'weak' teachers, they are all professionals, with years and years of experience.

I found myself falling in love with competition and performing, but that is just me! They have something for everyone, social, performance, weddings, etc. One last BIG point is this, they have several group classes through out the week at many different levels as well as parties to practice what you have learned. The group classes have great value, you will learn new things at each one.

I just can't say enough about Step It Up, amazing, talented, award winning staff, with many students of all ages to meet & become friends with. You owe it to yourself to have this experience."

- Heather M. / Beaverton, OR

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"I couldn't be more thrilled and honored to work at such a prestigious ballroom dance studio! Having danced since I was a child and told that there was only two major dance corporations (i.e. Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire) worth dancing at, I have found this studio to be absolutely worthwhile, and quite honestly, the ONLY studio worth going to, period..."

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"...As you step into the studio, you'll notice the well designed and beautifully decorated studio. With a rich warm floor and calming colors, makes this studios appearance very luxurious with a warm and inviting atmosphere making anyone who walks through the doors, important and welcomed.

This dance studio has such a high standard for dancing which makes this studio stand out above all others. With teaching over 39 styles of dance, and the ONLY studio to specialize in American and International, makes this studio, truly unique and consequently, the ONLY place to dance at.

Step it Up Studios, not only allows the students to progress at there own level without the pressure to buy program after program, making this a true personalized program. They also allows the staff to grow to their fullest potential unlike most other studios.

This studio truly cares about all of the students, and thinks of them as people rather than pocketbooks. I love and admire that.

I have been more impressed with the quality of dance that takes place at this studio. With first class instruction and training, it's obvious as to why Step it Up Studios clean-sweeped the Carribbean Dancesport Open World Salsa Championship.

The group classes are truly remarkable with a high caliber of instruction and socials which truly allows the individual to determine what they feel like dancing rather than what they can dance to. And the music choices truly appeases all walks of life, making this studio warm and inviting.

Having a high standard of dance, requires having a high standard of instructors, which owner, Kristy, has paved the way. Having over 16 years of dance experience combined with her pro partner, Stas, makes them and unstoppable team resulting in over 19 world dance champions. Which flows over to the rest of the staff who has no less than 5 years dance experience, making this a top notch studio.

I would highly recommend this studio to anyone interested in ballroom dancing or to anyone interested in finding a new hobby, making new friends, or to those who want to a new, exciting activity for not only singles but couples as well.


- J.C. / Lake Oswego, OR